Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children

Favourite Character: Cloud Strife


Cloud at 16 and 21.


In light of people not understanding why other people are upset at the lack of female representation in Final Fantasy XV (a franchise well-known for its attempt at diversity), I thought I’d lay it out plain and simple for them to see why it’s important for them to stop saying, “Well Final Fantasy X-2 was all girls” or “Final Fantasy XIII revolved around Lightning.” Even in an “all girl game” (FFX2) there were still more male supporting characters, outweighing not only the main party but female supporting cast combined.

I’m not mad that FFXV is a story about a prince and his boys. I’m used to playing as a male character (it’s not a crime to want to change that). I’m upset that there is a serious lack of female representation, considering a lot of Final Fantasy fans (and gamers in general) are *gasp* female.

*I only listed platform games starting from VII because after I started compiling this list I realized it’d take forever. Hopefully you get the gist and you can refer to Wikipedia, your strategy guides, or whatever you’d like to count on your own. I only included prominent characters (bolding playable ones) that matter to/part of the story because I’m not going to focus on side-quest characters.*

List below:

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